About Us
We decided to make some sense.

Blockchain has a promise for this world. No need to trust politics or policy, when you can rely on math. Aside from privacy chains - a fair and open way to track custody of assets. A new way to interact with each other, using speed and precision.

The world needs these things now more than ever. But, if you haven't noticed, there is a lot of FUD and distortion in the crypto and blockchain space. We decided to do something to help eliminate the chatter of talking about blockchain assets as if they are sports teams or ancient deities. There is a real path, based on data, to set a baseline for blockchains, tokens, NFT collections and other smart contracts. We believe that ALL participants on the blockchain should have access to tools to help qualify opportunity and mitigate risk. Metafide brings those tools to everyone.

Our team has been immersed in technology, economics and large data applications for 20 years. We've been buying cryptocurrency assets since 2011, not for the financial upside, but for the freedom and improvements to the world around us that it could offer. By bringing together our unique backgrounds, and strong principles, we are building the infrastructure that the blockchain community can rely on to navigate into the mainstream and introduce the next generation of users to the promise of a better economy, contracting system and economic exchange.