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Unbiased, real-time ratings for everything on public blockchains.
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Unbiased, Real-Time

You deserve a way to make good decisions about everything on the blockchain.

Whether you’re an everyday investor or sophisticated fund manager, you deserve a way to understand the quality of assets on blockchain networks.

Real, measurable results

Our comprehensive algorithm produces real, measurable, and  straightforward scores and ratings.

Metafide scores (ranging from 0-100) communicate trust and opportunity. They measure usage and viability as a reflection of live market activity.


Our information is unbiased, data-driven, and up-to-the-minute in a rapidly changing environment.

Our mission is to equip new and existing market participants with an intuitive metric that conveys the risk and value associated with any blockchain address.

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Digestible Risk Analysis

Understand Risk

Use the inherent transparency of the blockchain by looking at real data instead of hype and FUD.

Every time you look at our scores before making a trade or investment, you minimize the downside of not understanding the associated risk. Now, you'll understand the usage, volume, and quality direction of a blockchain address.

Start putting the utility of Web3 to work for you.

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Track Your Web3 Wallet

Score your portfolio.

Score your wallet and portfolios by tracking your Web3 wallet with Metafide. Simulate the performance of any set of tokens within a portfolio or follow other portfolios to see how they’re performing.

Add interesting wallets to your Watchlist and see what is working (and not working) for others.

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Always There and Ready

Save hours of research.

Metafide saves users 3-5 hours of research every time you inspect an asset - and even more when you are analyzing a portfolio of assets.

Consult our top scores and growth index, updated hourly.

Don't Believe the Hype

Stop relying on word of mouth and wishful thinking when making decisions about blockchain assets. The benefits of a shared, distributed ledger with worldwide reach are too profound to leave to the mercy of hype.

Metafide’s proprietary scoring and rating system employs a big-data approach to analyzing the characteristics and users of Web3 assets. We can determine the quality and usefulness of any product on any public blockchain. Essentially, we’re a gauge for what’s good.

Understand the big picture.

Metafide analyzes macroeconomic factors affecting the crypto ecosystem in real-time (including Sharpe ratio, volatility, inflationary impact, and token metrics). We evaluate whale concentration risk, exchange performance, and blockchain utilization in everything we do.

Watch crypto markets.

We take a wholistic approach to market analysis. For all assets, Metafide measures and integrates transaction volume, volatility, and user engagement on all major exchanges to gauge risks.

Assess user trends.

The Web3 community is driving adoption and delivering value for the long-term health of the ecosystem. Metafide constantly assess trends and predictive movements of wallet sets on blockchain networks to see what they are buying, selling, and holding.

We're A Good Kind of Different

We're not like other ratings platforms.

Our “why” is the promise of a better blockchain economy with fair exchange. So, we’re the first to offer free, unbiased ratings and quality scores to every investor.

Minimal Burden

The ratings market was missing a trustworthy platform that allows individuals of any Web3 literacy to quickly and easily make evaluations without financial burden.

Robust Algorithm

Other products that assign ratings and scores to cryptocurrencies lack a comprehensive and objective rating algorithm.


Metafide always uses real, quantitative. and up-to-date data to provide an easy-to-understand score and rating for any blockchain contract.

How We Stack Up
Updated Hourly
Robust Algorithm
20+ years of experience

Meet our team.

Our team has been immersed in technology, economics, and large data applications for more than 20 years. We've been buying cryptocurrency assets since 2011, not solely for the financial upside, but for the freedom it affords and improvements the advancement can offer.

Frank Speiser
Gunnar Link
Frank Bolella
VP of Product Strategy

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